Ostrava Days Institute accepts applications

9. 3. 2023

Dear all,
please see information about Ostrava Days 2023 – Music of Today Institute and Festival for composers, performers, and musicologists. The application deadline for the Institute was prolonged to March 30, 2023.
The biennial Ostrava Days Institute and Festival (August 14–September 2, 2023) is one of the largest summer new music programs. The Institute consists of lectures, seminars, discussions and meetings. Participants take part in preparing their works, which are performed in Ostrava Days Festival’s program. Ostrava Days Festival includes established and emerging composers, an international community of musicians, two resident orchestras (the 85-piece ONO – Ostrava New Orchestra, and the 35-piece Ostravská banda), and a mixed choir.
Additionally, Ostrava Days includes ensembles, a resident string quartet, and many soloists who will also lead workshops and give presentations. The Ostrava Days Institute is interconnected with the Ostrava Days Festival. The Festival’s program includes compositions by student residents, lectors, a number of well-established composers, and a selection of masterpieces from the recent past, side by side.
The OD Institute accepts a limited number of resident students to ensure one-on-one interactions among all participants. Composers, performers, and musicologists are welcome. The working language is English.
Lectors & Guest Composers
Peter Ablinger ◦ Raven Chacon ◦ Johannes Kalitzke ◦ Petr Kotík ◦ Zygmunt Krauze ◦ Bernhard Lang ◦ Roscoe Mitchell Amina Claudine Myers ◦ Ana Sokolović ◦ Miroslav Srnka ◦ Eric Wubbels and others
We would appreciate if you would pass the leaflet on to interested people so that they can be informed about this event.
For more detailed information please visit www.newmusicostrava.cz or contact us at skalova@newmusicostrava.cz. You can also join this facebook event to be informed immediately about all the necessary updates.

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