VIDEOCITY: remote international internship opportunity for Master's students

13. 3. 2023

Videocity is pleased to be able to offer an internship opportunity for students enrolled in the MFA program at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University Technology and in the Master level of Theory of Interactive Media Art program at the FA MU.

About the Role / Outcome

  • Research of artists working with video around Brno and in the Czech Republic

Candidate Requirements

  • Sincere interest in video and public art
  • Time commitment for the duration of the internship
  • English (or German) fluency and language skills
  • Commitment to meet with Walter Seidl in Brno and other team members over ZOOM.

The internship is a paid position (6 EUR / hour). We anticipate an initial workload of 90 hours with a research deadline of 31 May 2023. We are happy to extend the internship and arrange further tasks.

Support in the form of the provision of a shared work site will be provided by Vašulka Kitchen Brno – Centre for New Media Art located at the Brno House of Arts where there is an open specialized library and archive.

We look forward to receiving your application by 19 March 2023. Please send us your CV and a short motivation letter/video as a single PDF to An interview will take place via video call (Skype or Zoom).

Videocity is an independent curatorial initiative that promotes the presentation of video works of art in public space thanks to our international network of aspiring curators and coordinators.

Videocity was founded in 2013 by Dr. Andrea Domesle in Basel, Switzerland. The Austrian team was established in 2021 in cooperation with Walter Seidl, Vienna.

Every year Videocity curates programs focused on socially relevant topics, which are presented on an electronic billboard at the Basel Fairgrounds or at Cinema REX in Bern, as well as in other international locations such as the city trail in St. Pölten or Flucc Club in Vienna. You can find out more about Videocity on our website:

For further questions, please contact our team manager in Düsseldorf — Aphroditi Bodenstedt:

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